Core Pack III
Core Pack III
Core Pack III
Core Pack III
Core Pack III

Core Pack III

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50 Reference Cards, 101 Paper Minis

Want to strike fear in the hearts of your players? Core Pack III is the pinnacle resource for any DnD 5e Dungeon Master wanting to escalate their gameplay with world-ending monsters!

Tome of Summoning’s Core Pack III brings down earth-shattering monsters upon your players! Terrorize their sky with an Ancient Red Dragon! Sink their ships with a Kraken! End their world with a Tarrasque! Your players will live the apocalypse with beautifully illustrated artwork on every card and mini!

Core Pack III is overflowing with 50 reference cards and over 101 massive paper miniatures, topping up your DM toolkit with an arsenal of the most commonly used high-level creatures in DnD 5e! Each space-saving folded reference card puts important creature stats into your view while displaying tantalizing creature artwork to your players. Creature names appear only on the stat block and not on the artwork, adding an extra layer of discovery and d20 rolls for your players. Each paper mini is compatible with one-inch grid battle maps, has matching artwork, and is labeled to help track initiative in combat. You can even make your own creatures with the blank reference cards included. Store your collection in our sleek and stylish Tome for easy storage and transport.

Get your pack today and let the end-times begin!

  • Adult Black Dragon
  • Adult Blue Dragon
  • Adult Brass Dragon
  • Adult Bronze Dragon
  • Adult Copper Dragon
  • Adult Gold Dragon
  • Adult Green Dragon
  • Adult Red Dragon
  • Adult Silver Dragon
  • Adult White Dragon
  • Ancient Black Dragon
  • Ancient Blue Dragon
  • Ancient Brass Dragon
  • Ancient Bronze Dragon
  • Ancient Copper Dragon
  • Ancient Gold Dragon
  • Ancient Green Dragon
  • Ancient Red Dragon
  • Ancient Silver Dragon
  • Ancient Treant*
  • Ancient White Dragon
  • Balor
  • Behir
  • Djinni
  • Dragon Turtle
  • Efreeti
  • Erinyes
  • Fey Overlord*
  • Gynosphinx
  • Horned Devil
  • Ice Devil
  • Iron Golem
  • Kraken
  • Lich
  • Marilith
  • Nalfeshnee
  • Null Leviathan*
  • Null Lord*
  • Pit Fiend
  • Purple Worm
  • Rakshasa
  • Remorhaz
  • Roc
  • Storm Giant
  • Tarrasque
  • The Emptiness*
  • The First One*
  • Vampire
*Custom Creatures

Reference Cards

- Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches folded

- Durable Matte Laminated for long lasting quality

- Creature art facing players with no name to maintain mystery and use d20 identification rolls

- Detailed color coded creature stats facing game master

- Abridged descriptions for quick referencing

- Designed to highlight important information

- Cards fit standard 2.5 x 3.5 inch card pocket pages

Paper Minis

- Sized for grid battle maps: Tiny, Small/Medium, Large, Huge and Gargantuan as applicable.

- Tiny, Small, and Medium Creatures: 6 minis each

- Large Creatures: 3 minis each

- Huge and Gargantuan Creatures: 1 mini each

- Durable Matte Laminated for long lasting quality

- Labeled to track stats and initiative

- Mini art matches art on reference card

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