Born and raised in India, Nayan grew up with a passion for trying as many new things as she could and has an insatiable hunger to see the world. After earning a degree in architecture in Savannah, Georgia, Nayan pursued a career in Sustainability and eventually landed in Portland, Oregon, managing hundreds of eco-friendly building projects for the state. Then one day, Lee suckered her into his game of Dungeons and Dragons, and Nayan descended into the rabbit hole of tabletop games culminating in the founding of Tome of Summoning, LLC and the success of her first Kickstarter.

Now the Business Mastermind at Tome of Summoning, Nayan has left the world of architecture and hopes to spread the joys and creativity of tabletop roleplaying games while traveling the world. In the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons, Nayan plays the delightfully deadly wood elf rogue Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, who would just as likely assassinate you as slip you the key to her inn room. Although Jean-Baptiste is able to slay an entire party of bandits without blinking, she has a soft spot for animals and begins every encounter with wildlife asking “can I pet it?”


Even as a young boy from Samoa, Lee was a strange mix of creativity and imagination and had a thirst for knowledge and understanding. After ditching his degree in architecture for one in animation in Savannah, Georgia, Lee struggled to pursue a career in video games and animation. Fortunately, Lee stumbled into product and retail design and landed in the creative studios of some of the biggest design brands in the world. Then one day, a colleague talked him into a game of Dungeons and Dragons at the local Adventurers League, and Lee was hooked. Soon after, he founded Tome of Summoning with Nayan and launched a successful first Kickstarter to fund his own reference card product.

As the Creative Force behind Tome of Summoning, Lee wields all the skills and talents from his years of experience in animation, game development, and design to tell captivating stories. When he’s not DMing a campaign, Lee plays the bold, brash, and braggadocious Faelar Noir, the half-elf bard with a thirst for adventure and talent for trouble.