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These minis, are the best thing I've added to my game. I was able to fit all the minis (monsters and pc's) in my wallet for a trip with cousins. Amazing product!

Norrin Radd

I received the PDF version that I backed & am beyond happy with the product. I was able to create custom mini figures for my kids & their cousins, and have a super fun campaign. They wanted to keep their minis as a memory too, which warmed my heart as a DM.

Antonio R. Jaurigue

Not only is the Tome of Summoning gorgeous, but it's easily one of the best thought out, affordable, cohesive and space saving secret weapons a GM could have. The reference cards and paper minis cut out all the hassle so you never miss a beat!

Paige Johnson

Oh....oh my... My weekly game just got a HUGE UPGRADE!
A huge excited yelp of joy from me, and a muffled "oh gods, why!?" On behalf of my players!

Ryan Jones

The Tome of Summoning is a beautiful object with real practical value. No more flicking back and forth between pages in the Monster Manual, no need to carry boxes of heavy minatures around and no lack of table impact thanks to the wonderfully illustrated paper minis. Highly recommended!

Stephen Mould

I must say the aesthetic design, art and layout of the DM sheets are perfect, great use of space and eye-catching art. Far better than any of the official DM screen's information and I look forward to what other products you may produce in the future.

Aaron Jones

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