Community Submitted Loot Tables

You stand victorious over the body of the slain devil, taking a moment to catch your breath before kneeling to inspect the body. As you search the few pouches hanging from its belt, you notice a twitching movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn your head in time to see the devil’s beard of snake-like tendrils detach from its face and lunge at you, biting your neck and injecting its potent venom into your bloodstream before falling limply to the ground. This was definitely not the loot you were hoping for.

One of the most rewarding experiences in a game of DnD5e is finding loot from the bodies of your defeated enemies. Players love finding loot, and Dungeon Masters love giving it! In my games, I like to make looting a corpse a little more interesting than simply rewarding a handful of pocket lint and coins.

Most times I hand out something unique to the looted creature, like a small wood carving of a deity, a silver hair clip, or a bag of bloody teeth. I also like to spice things up with something a little more dangerous to keep players on their toes, like a toxic barb, a cursed amulet, or a bag of angry badgers. Coming up with these on the spot can be difficult for Dungeon Masters, but this is where a table of predetermined loot comes in handy!

This is why we’ve created a printable collection of our Print & Play Creature Loot Tables, packed with the wild and wonderful ideas submitted by our awesome community! This free download can be cut into convenient cards so you have a quick and easy way to roll for loot. They also fit perfectly into our Tome storage binders, so you can keep all your creature resources in one place. As we make more loot tables, we will keep this free product updated with more loot cards, so check back soon! If you have ideas of your own, submit them in our next table on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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